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PGA Logos and Brand Guide

During the 103rd PGA Annual Meeting, the logo with the Member Professional rocker was shared with the Delegation. A straw poll regarding the adoption of the Member Professional Rocker was conducted, and over 79% of the Delegation supported the adoption of the Member Professional rocker. During their post- Annual Meeting Board Meeting, the Board approved the Member Professional rocker for usage beginning in January of 2020. PGA Members are not required to dispose of existing merchandise, golf bags, business cards, etc. with the old logos, but will be required to use the new logo on any new inventory going forward.

The PGA Member Professional, PGA Specialized Professional, PGA Certified Professional, PGA Master Professional and the PGA of America logos are available for download. PGA Associates and Students will be able to access their logos here as well.

To download logos, find the logo type you'd like in the side navigation on this page. All available versions and file types are listed on the page.

Use of a logo should correspond with the highest level of PGA Lifelong Learning that you have completed. Personal use of the all PGA logos is intended to benefit individual PGA Members. Therefore, use of these logos is the responsibility of each PGA Member.

It is important to understand that personal use means not for retail and or not for resale of any kind. The logos may not be used by anyone else. For example, if your employer wishes to use the PGA Member Professional, PGA Certified Professional, or PGA Master Professional logo in an advertisement, your name must be included in the advertisement as outlined in the guidelines below, and use of the logo and your name must be authorized by you.

For PGA Member Brand and Merchandise Guidelines, click on the links below: