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103rd PGA Annual Meeting

Synopsis of Resolutions to be Presented at the 103rd PGA Annual Meeting


PROPOSED BY: PGA Board of Directors

SUBJECT: Removal of the Citizenship/Residency/Work Status clause from the Bylaws

Become a stronger and more inclusive Association by removing the Membership restriction on those who do not have status as a citizen, resident or temporary resident of the U.S. This will in turn build the network and global prestige of the PGA of America Member.  It should be noted that since 1990, non-US Citizens have been allowed to be elected to membership with 283 Members currently being non-US Citizens and multiple national award winners having been elected to membership as non-citizens.

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To access the full Resolution, [click here]( 1_ARTICLE IV, Election to Mbrship, Election Requirements.pdf).


PROPOSED BY: Southern Texas, Northern Texas and Sun Country Sections

SUBJECT: Eligibility for the Life Member-Active Classification

This resolution proposes that as a requirement to transfer to the Life Member-Active classification, all otherwise eligible members must have completed the entrance level of PGA Education. 

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To access the full Resolution, [click here]( 2_ARTICLE V, Classes of Mbrship, Non-Active Classifications.pdf).

NOTE:  Resolutions will be harmonized and submitted in final form 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting.