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MSR Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the MSR requirement?

Do I have to earn MSR in all categories?

How will I be able to track the MSR I have earned?

Can I host my own Player Development programs and still earn MSR credits?

How do I register or find out if my programs qualify?

What are the parameters to be considered Get Golf Ready?

If I conduct a Get Golf Ready program with another PGA Member, can we both receive MSR credit?

What about the parameters for Get Golf Ready 2?

What are Get Golf Ready Outings and Leagues?

How do I report results?

Am I required to use the online tools to register my students?

Will I be required to give names and emails for all my students?

Will the PGA send emails to every student?

Will any additional verification of my programs be required in order to earn the MSR credits?

What is the definition of a Section meeting?

Is a tournament/board committee meeting eligible for MSR Meeting credits?

What is the definition of "Career-Specific Education?"

Must I earn MSR education credits as both an attendee and an instructor/speaker?

Can MSR be earned by attending National PGA, Section or Chapter workshops or seminars?

Can I get credit for any online course?

May I attend a seminar sponsored by a manufacturer and receive MSR credit?

If an article is published multiple times or in multiple magazines, can I earn credits for each time it is published?

What is a Section-sanctioned golf tournament?

I am a member in the Unaffiliated Section. Am I responsible for completing the MSR?

I am a member in the Unaffiliated Section coming back to a PGA section. What MSR's do I make up?

Can I receive MSR for being a High School Golf Coach or Assistant Golf Coach?

I am currently in Class F, what is the procedure to get out of Class F?