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MSR Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the MSR requirement?

A primary goal of MSR participation is to promote professional development. MSR should help PGA Members become well-rounded professionals who are committed to the traditional values of golf which are teaching, playing and promoting the game. Player development, continuing education and participation in Section and Chapter activities are a vital part of the process.

Do I have to earn MSR in all categories?

You do not need to earn MSR in all categories. As a minimum, you must earn at least 36 MSR credits in Education or PGA Meetings and/or Player Development and you must earn a total of at least 54 MSR.

How will I be able to track the MSR I have earned?

You may track your requirements and earnings via at any time. In addition, the PGA Membership Department is available at (800) 474-2776 to offer assistance during regular business hours.

Can I host my own Player Development programs and still earn MSR credits?

Yes. The intent is to award PGA Professionals for their efforts to bring new people into the game and plans to retain them. With this in mind, you can earn credits for your own programs provided they meet certain parameters.

How do I register or find out if my programs qualify?

Once  you've logged into, go to the "Earn and Report MSRs" to ensure your program meets the basic parameters.

Please remember, you  have the flexibility to keep your original name or adopt the national brands. Internally, the PGA will be able to track and promote your programs.

What are the parameters to be considered Get Golf Ready?

These programs must be introductory in nature, targeting new or former beginners and include:

  • Series or group lessons or clinics
  • Cover the basics of golf including putting, short game, full swing – irons, full swing – woods, and overview of rules, etiquette, terminology and history of golf
  • On-course learning experiences
  • Give students access to using clubs and golf balls throughout the program
  • Affordably priced

If I conduct a Get Golf Ready program with another PGA Member, can we both receive MSR credit?

Yes, provided there are at least three students for every instructor. As an example, if two PGA Members taught a Get Golf Ready program for a total of eight students, each PGA Member would earn MSR credit. A PGA Member can earn a maximum of 2 MSR credits for any one Get Golf Ready program.

  • Log into and navigate to your dashboard
  • Click on "Report MSR Activity"
  • Depending on what type of event you are reporting, click on "Report MSR Activity"
  • For "Service to the PGA/Industry," complete the requested information and click submit
  • For "Get Golf Ready" type of events, click on the "click here" bullet point to create an Event
  • Enter event details and click "Submit"
  • Click on newly-created Event Name and complete the requested information and click "Submit"
  • Add your students to the roster and click "Next Step," either by typing in First/Last Name on the right and then click on Summit or by adding previously entered students from the list on the left hand side
  • Then verify your entries to make sure they are correct and then click "Next Step"
  • Now you need to select the PGA Professionals from the facility who should receive the MSRs, or you can search for the other PGA members at another facility to add their name to the list of who should receive the MSRs and then click on "Submit"

What about the parameters for Get Golf Ready 2?

In general, these should be next-step group lessons targeting novice golfers. The lessons should follow the same basic topics and parameters, yet taught in more comprehensive details, further enhancing your novice golfers' confidence to play.

What are Get Golf Ready Outings and Leagues?

The desired end result is ultimately creating new golfers who have the confidence to go on to a course and play. "Get Golf Ready Outings and Leagues" are simply branded phases for structured opportunities for the new and novice golfers to play in casual formats.

To earn credits, the playing opportunities must be:

  • Structured and organized by the golf staff
  • Fun, casual formats (i.e. scrambles, 3-6 holes, PGA Family Tees, etc)
  • Professionals and/or staff need to be on hand to mentor / help players have a fun experience
  • Players should have access to golf clubs and balls

How do I report results?

There are two ways to report results and earn MSR credits. First is to use the online tools to promote your program and accept online registrations. This will allow PGA to track the number of events. The other is through submitting end of the season reports.

Am I required to use the online tools to register my students?

While the PGA would prefer you use these tools, we understand members may already have adequate systems in place. However, a member will need to report results online in order to receive MSR credit.

Will I be required to give names and emails for all my students?

You are not required to give this data, however, the PGA does request that you do provide this information as we reach out annually to measure golfer participation and spending. Plus appropriate marketing messages about golf are sent throughout the year. Regardless of what you share, it is vital that you collect this data for your own marketing purposes.

Will the PGA send emails to every student?

Respecting there are privacy laws, only those students / consumers who give appropriate opt-in permission will receive emails.

Will any additional verification of my programs be required in order to earn the MSR credits?

Using the reporting tools is all that will be required. As PGA Professionals are committed to uphold the Code of Ethics, we are confident the data reported will be accurate.

What is the definition of a Section meeting?

A Section meeting is where Section business is conducted; i.e. approval of minutes and discussion of tournament eligibility.

Is a tournament/board committee meeting eligible for MSR Meeting credits?

Yes, attending Section, Chapter and/or National PGA committees and board meetings will be awarded MSR Meeting credits.

What is the definition of "Career-Specific Education?"

"Education" is defined as attending or serving as an instructor or speaker for any education that is conducted directly by the National, Section or Chapter PGA, including online education via All Education will be credited toward the 36 PGA Required credits.

Examples of Education: includes any gathering of members organized by a Section/Chapter or National, whether for governance, education, or both. In addition, career-specific education from outside sources approved by the PGA will be credited toward this category.

Must I earn MSR education credits as both an attendee and an instructor/speaker?

No, MSR education credits can be earned as just an attendee, just an instructor/speaker or any combination thereof.

Can MSR be earned by attending National PGA, Section or Chapter workshops or seminars?

Any workshop or seminar conducted by or for the National PGA, Section or Chapter will be worth PGA Required credits. Credits are posted as one hour of attendance equals one MSR credit, with no maximum.

Can I get credit for any online course?

All online education offered via is approved for MSR Education credits for the PGA Required category. PGA Professionals can receive MSR credits from the many online education offerings beyond the scope of, which will be credited toward "PGA Required." Please keep in mind that online courses/ webinars without an assessment are not eligible for MSR credit. The following parameters will be used to qualify outside online courses:

  • Course provider must be able to provide a course outline.
  • Course provider must be able to provide an estimate of the time required to complete the course.
  • Course must be considered professional development and not personal development.
  • PGA Member is required to submit verification of successful completion and assessment of the course within 30 days of completion.
  • Pre-Approved Online Provider information would need to be submitted.

It is the responsibility of the PGA Member to provide all the needed documentation listed above. Documentation would be reviewed and approved by the PGA Membership Department in consultation with the PGA Education Department. A maximum of eight (8) MSR "PGA Required" credits may be awarded for any one online course.

May I attend a seminar sponsored by a manufacturer and receive MSR credit?

Yes, but only if the seminar is not company product specific or used primarily as a sales promotion. For example, a seminar on golf balls, the history, evolution, manufacturing, etc. … would be worth MSR "PGA Required" credits. A seminar promoting a particular brand of golf ball would not be worth any MSR credits.

If an article is published multiple times or in multiple magazines, can I earn credits for each time it is published?

An article is worth credits only once, even if published multiple times or in multiple magazines or newspapers.

What is a Section-sanctioned golf tournament?

Each Section can sanction a number of events for MSR credit into the Total Category. Sections may choose to sanction any and all events on the Section and/or Chapter calendar, or Sections may choose only specific events that are considered sanctioned. Please check with your Section for a list of sanctioned events.

I am a member in the Unaffiliated Section. Am I responsible for completing the MSR?

As a member in the Unaffiliated Section, you are required to fulfill 2/3 of the MSR hours required for Affiliated Members which based on current requirements would be 24 PGA Required credits and 36 Total credits (versus current 36 PGA Required credits and 54 Total credits).


I am a member in the Unaffiliated Section coming back to a PGA section. What MSR's do I make up?

As a member returning to a PGA section, you will have a pro-rated MSR requirement to complete for the remainder of the cycle once you have returned stateside. To determine the pro-rated amount, please click here for the MSR Pro-rated Schedule.

Can I receive MSR for being a High School Golf Coach or Assistant Golf Coach?

Yes, provided this is not your primary employment. Please send written documentation from the Athletic Director or school official, on school letterhead, of the golf season (start and end dates) and duties performed for review.

I am currently in Class F, what is the procedure to get out of Class F?

Members who do not satisfy the requirements of the Professional Development Program shall be reclassified as Class "F" Members of the Association at the beginning of the next fiscal year. They shall remain in this classification until they earn the deficit requirements of the previous period and an amount equal to the deficit in the new period. Class "F" Members who do not satisfy these requirements by the end of the Professional Development Program period in which they were transferred to Class F shall be terminated from membership.

Once Class F members get out of Class F, they will have additional requirements to be satisfied by the end of the current MSR cycle to avoid being transferred back to Class F.

So long as they are Members of the Association, Class "F" Members may not be transferred into any other classification until they satisfy these requirements. Members may appeal their classification as Class "F" Members or their termination from membership, as a result of these provisions, to the Board of Control in accordance with the provisions of Article VII.