PGA of America

Prize Winning Payments

What is ACH/Direct Deposit?

How do I sign up?

Since payments are being issued by PGA of America on behalf of my Section, do I need to sign up for ACH again if I am to receive payment from PGA of America?

What’s the turnaround time for payments to be issued?

What if I move? What if there’s a natural disaster?

Why do I have to provide my mailing address if ACH payments are not dependent on an address?

I’m not receiving payment notifications via email, what should I do?

I need to make changes to banking information?

My payment is missing, who can help?

Want to know where funds were deposited? Forget which account you were using?

I would like a percentage of my winnings to go into my Golf Retirement Account. Where do I set that up?

When will my 1099 be available?

Can I receive an electronic copy of my 1099?