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There’s a PepsiCo Program to talk about…

PepsiCo provides unparalleled support as your total beverage expert including quality brands, reliable service, National Account Fountain Pricing incentives, Fountain and Bottle & Can incentives, beverage merchandising and profitability education and one stop shopping.

Program Details

  • $2.00 per fountain gallon of post mix products
  • $0.75 per case of bottled & canned products

How to Qualify for the Program

The Post-Mix products that generate incentives are as follows:

  • All Pepsi brands including Diet, Pepsi Max, Pepsi Next and Caffeine Free*
  • All Lipton brands including Brisk, Lemonade, Sweetened, Unsweetened and Flavored*
  • All Mountain Dew brands including Diet and Code Red*
  • All Sierra Mist brands including Diet*
  • All Mug Root Beer brands*
  • Dr Pepper and 7-up DO NOT generate incentives through the PepsiCo/PGA Program

How to Sign Up

What do I need to do?
Call your local bottler today to sign a PepsiCo/PGA Program National contract.

When does the program go into effect?
Immediately upon your facility’s execution of an agreement with PepsiCo.

As a Presenting Partner in Golf Retirement Plus™, PepsiCo offers you the opportunity to earn $0.50 per gallon on post-mix products and $0.35 per case on Gatorade ready-to-drink product.

PepsiCo will provide your facility with appropriate fountain dispensing equipment to be used exclusively for dispensing Pepsi post-mix products, along with a water filter and initial water filter cartridge. Legal title to the equipment will belong to Pepsi-Cola. PepsiCo will also pay your facility $2.00 per gallon on post-mix products and $0.75 per case of bottle & can product.

Your facility must sign a 5- or 7-year contract with PepsiCo. A minimum brand set of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist and Lipton BRISK Lemonade or other Lipton brands is required.

PGA Sections also earn incentive dollars through the PGA of America, based on the number of gallons of post-mix products and cases of bottled & canned product purchased by PGA Professional-staffed facilities and golf ranges within their PGA Section.

Who do I contact?

PepsiCo/PGA program line: 1-866-PEP-GOLF (737-4653)
Hours of Operation: Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET
Closed on Holidays

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