PGA of America

Golf Retirement Plus™

Golf Retirement Plus™ was created as a supplemental retirement program for PGA Members. The program was developed at a time when only one in five professionals had employer-sponsored retirement programs. There was significant financial cost and staff time associated with the development of Golf Retirement Plus, which is structured as an after-tax retirement program. This cost was borne by the PGA of America, which agreed to share the program with the GCSAA and CMAA, in order to eliminate the cost for similar due diligence and program development for these other associations.

Partner Program incentives are designed as a royalty paid by the partner to PGA Golf Enterprises, Inc. (PGAGE), which administers the program. PGAGE in turn contributes an equal amount to the participating PGA Professional’s retirement account once they have opened a Golf Retirement Plus™ account and completed the annual Facility Authorization Agreement. Contributions are often a percentage of the wholesale amount of each purchase.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Facility Authorization Agreement?

When do I need to complete a Facility Authorization Agreement?

How much in contributions can PGA Professionals receive each year?

How can PGA professionals and apprentices, GCSAA superintendents and assistant superintendents, and CMAA managers contribute to their Golf Retirement Plus™ accounts?

What happens when new Partner Programs are added to Golf Retirement Plus™?

Other than golf merchandise, what other Partner Program contributions are available?

Why should employers support Golf Retirement Plus™?

Can Partner Program contributions be shared by PGA Professionals?

How does the program handle employer authorization for PGA Professionals participating in Golf Retirement Plus™?

What happens if there is not an employer authorization on the agreement?

What happens to partner contributions that cannot be deposited because the account holder has passed away?

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