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Strengthen your skills and enhance your career!

Continuously improve your business and teaching skills to meet the increasing demands of the golf industry. The PGA Specialized Program is an online educational curriculum that supports the goals of PGA Members who are committed to excellence and furthering their career. It delivers "on-demand" access to training when your schedule permits, and reduces time and travel costs associated with traditional training.


PGA Specialized Program

Grow your career. Become a specialist.

$350 / Online Course Access

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The PGA Specialized Program

See Your Options
See Your Options

Gives you visibility into ALL course work and program criteria from PGM, Specialty and Certification.

Choose Your Path
Choose Your Path

Allows you to identify specific career paths that PGA employment recognizes.

Build Your Skills
Build Your Skills

Builds specific skills and knowledge that will enhance your work performance.

Become Certified
Become Certified

Helps you gain momentum toward PGA Certification.

To complete the Specialized designation, you must:

  • Be a PGA Member
  • Pay an online course library access fee of $350. Course library offers more than 200 courses (MSR Eligible).
  • Select one of three specific career paths: Teaching & Coaching, Golf Operations or Executive Management
  • Complete the 30 Required courses within your career path selection
  • Complete 10 Self-Selected (elective) courses from our PGA Course Library
  • Submit a Capstone project (View the project guidelines here). There is a $100 fee to unlock access.
Once Specialization is complete, the next step in your journey is Certification.