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Steps to Become Master Professional

PGA Certified Professionals pursuing the Master Professional Program must showcase their Career Path talent in order for the MPP Review & Evaluation Team to determine that a candidate:

  • Understands the varied skills and procedures required to demonstrate Mastery
  • Can Integrate and apply varied skills in Career Path specific environments
  • Demonstrates actual day-to-day experience and expertise to validate Mastery


  • Complete and submit an application
  • Complete and submit a written Project (see Project Detail below)

    • Project elements will be submitted to the MPP Review and Evaluation Team in phases
    • The process is similar to that which might be used in conceiving and managing a Project at a golf facility – Planning, Implementation, and Results Reporting
    • The period of authorship will be determined by:
    • Candidate’s demonstrating application of knowledge for results
    • Completing recommendations during authorship
    • The experience and expertise is compelling and clearly identified
    • Recommended changes are realistic and justifiably achievable
    • How anticipated outcomes, qualitative and quantitative, could reasonably be expected to result in positive change is evident in the research design. The following are some examples of anticipated positive results:

      • Direct or indirect financial benefit
      • Positive community perceptions of the facility
      • Higher quality services
      • Better and beneficial information
      • Implementation plan and proposed provisions for analyzing results and outcomes
  • MPP Review & Evaluation Team Mentoring designed to advise the Candidate on the Project for Approval and prior to attending the Checkpoint
  • Register for Checkpoint


  • Present the approved Project
  • Respond to Project & Presentation Question and Answer session
  • Specific Projects, such as Teaching & Coaching, also require the successful completion of a Skill Simulation
  • Debrief of Grading and Review of Presentation, Q&A, and Skill Simulation if required following

Associated Costs:

Click here for PGA Master Professional Program cost details

Project Detail:

Complete the required written Project phases as outlined in the Project Description and upon approval complete and submit subsequent phases.

Submit for review and for approval a copy of your written Project phase 1, 2, and 3 (if required) through the Education Portal.

**NOTE: **Only Certified PGA Professionals in good standing, who have satisfied prerequisites, are eligible to register and attend the Master Professional Checkpoint.