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Resources for New Rules of Golf

I am pleased to present a set of resources to you that the USGA Rules team has put together for PGA Members, in collaboration with our leadership team. These resources will assist with the implementation of the new Rules in 2019 at the local level. Here is a brief overview of what is available to you:

1. Rules of Golf Publications: As a service to the golf community, the USGA will offer complimentary copies of both the 2019 Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf and the 2019 Rules of Golf to golf associations, entities and clubs. As part of this program, PGA Members can order these two Rules publications at desired quantity and will be responsible for only the cost of shipping. The Official Guide to the Rules of Golf, the replacement for the “Decisions” book, is also be available for order at cost (approximately $16 per book).

Shipping times can vary based on quantity and location, and you should anticipate a standard lead time of 7-10 business days for shipping. Please note that the Rules publications are not for resale.

So that the USGA can more effectively manage its inventory, we ask that you order quantities of books based on your current needs, as opposed to your anticipated future needs. As you prepare your order, please be advised that all current USGA Members will receive a complimentary Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf book as part of their member benefit. Also, USGA Member Clubs will receive two Player’s Edition books, two Rules of Golf books and one Official Guide to the Rules of Golf book after renewing their membership for 2019.

Orders may be placed in two ways:

  • Online: Please note, if you have not done so already, you will need to register online to take advantage of preferred pricing and bulk ordering.
  • Phone: 1-800-336-4446

2. Digital Club “Toolkit”: To support the education of golfers at the club level, PGA Members can find a link to a digital club “toolkit” below. The toolkit contains the following resources:

  • PowerPoint presentation for the education of club members
  • Digital poster on the major changes (to be printed by PGA Members)
  • Digital “cart sticker” on the primary changes (to be printed by PGA Members)
  • Short video discussing the top 9 changes that a golfer needs to know
  • Canned written content for communication with club members (e.g., newsletters, website articles)
  • Suggested social media posts to be distributed through club social media accounts

Additional assets to be delivered in early 2019 – please check the link below periodically.

PGA Members can access the digital toolkit by clicking here!

Please note, in addition to this digital toolkit, USGA Member Clubs will receive a physical toolkit upon renewing their membership for 2019, which will contain copies of the three Rules publications along with a set of printed posters and “cart stickers” to promote the major changes and direct golfers to additional resources.

3. PGA/USGA Rules Workshops: We encourage PGA Members to attend a PGA/USGA Workshop for a comprehensive, 3-day program on all the changes to the Rules of Golf and, by doing so, earn MSR credits towards their PGA membership. We also encourage PGA Members to become “Rules-certified” through one of the established certification options, particularly the newly established “Advanced” certification level, by either taking an exam at a PGA/USGA Workshop or at their local Allied Golf Association. For more information on this program and the upcoming schedule, please click here.

The new Rules of Golf, as written and approved by the USGA and The R&A, went into effect on January 1, 2019 after a six-year review process, which included input from golfers and officials across the industry. This single set of Rules will apply to golfers and officials at all levels of the game.

I encourage all of you to take the time to review the new Rules, as well as access additional resources and materials by visiting, and by downloading the new Rules app. If you have any additional questions or requests, please reach out to the USGA Rules team by sending an email to or calling 908.326.1850.

Suzy Whaley, PGA/LPGA
PGA of America