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Access the USGA Digital Learning Tool

Earlier this year, the USGA released a digital learning tool that leverages resources and exam questions to create a unique learning experience for the Rules of Golf. This online course is personalized to meet the specific needs of each individual who will advance through the course based on their own knowledge and experience levels. Those who already have a good understanding of the new Rules will be able to complete this course in approximately 45-60 minutes, while others may take up to 2 hours or more. Most importantly, once the course is completed, each individual will have demonstrated their complete understanding of the course content.

How To Access the Course

To register for the course, click here and enter the following: 

  • email address
  • first and last name
  • creating a password of your choice

Once registration is successfully completed, a confirmation email is sent to the email account and the screen will indicate that registration was successful. The screen will also display a button that reads “Go to Your Course.”

For laptop or desktop computer users, the course will now open in a separate web browser and will be ready to use! For mobile or tablet device users, please refer to the section below titled “How To Access the Course on a Mobile or Tablet Device.””

Note: the course does not need to be completed in one sitting. The course will save the progress and you can pick up where you left off when ready to resume. To resume, go to and enter your username and password to log back in and resume learning.

How To Access the Course on a Mobile or Tablet Device

While the most user-friendly experience occurs when using the course on a laptop or desktop computer, the course can be used on a mobile or tablet device as well.

To use the course on a mobile or tablet device, download a free mobile application called the Learn Smart Suite.

After completing the initial registration process detailed above on a mobile device, you will receive an error message (e.g., “Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid.”). This is expected for mobile users who have not already downloaded the Learn Smart Suite app. This page also displays a message that reads “Need the app? Get it here.” Just click “here” to be redirected to the App Store or Google Play to download the app.

Once the mobile application is downloaded, you should not open the application. The course can not be accessed simply by opening the app on the home screen. Instead, return to the web browser and login at Once logged in, the browser will automatically prompt the launch of the LearnSmart Suite app and you can begin learning the new Rules.

When you are ready to resume the course using a mobile or table device, remember, the course can not be accessed simply by opening the app on the home screen. Individuals must log in through a browser and follow the steps above.

Additional Information and Resources

For more information, including frequently asked questions and tutorial videos, please visit:

If you have additional questions or troubleshooting needs, please contact the USGA Rules Staff by sending an email to or calling 908.326.1850.