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Regional League Manager & Section Support Teams

To better serve the growing number of PGA Professionals captaining thousands of PGA Jr. League teams across the country, the PGA of America has hired 12 Regional League Managers, supported by two National League Managers, to provide expert coaching and resources needed to recruit, retain and engage kids, families and communities. 

Find your Section’s Regional League Manager below (Regional League Managers will be listed more than once).  Designated Section support staff are also listed beneath each Regional League Manager.

Section Name Phone Email
Alabama-NW Florida Kristi Egnot 561-329-5501
Aloha Junko Suzuki, PGA 201-214-2817
Carolinas Daryl Batey, PGA 770-309-3023
  Jessica Asbury 336-398-2742
Central New York Brian Bain, PGA 617-820-4411
  Brianna Sovring 315-446-5610
Colorado Anthony Vitale, PGA 561-323-7910
  Holly Champion, PGA 303-681-0742
Connecticut Brian Bain, PGA 617-820-4411
  Tim Paragone 860-430-2302
Gateway Kristi Egnot 561-329-5501
Georgia Daryl Batey, PGA 770-309-3023
Gulf States Kristi Egnot 561-329-5501
Illinois Frank Chieppa, PGA 847-609-0819
Indiana Kim Shafer, PGA 561-657-5372
  Stacey Rice, PGA 317-738-9696
Iowa Frank Chieppa, PGA 847-609-0819
  Brady Sharkey 319-648-0026
Kentucky Kristi Egnot 561-329-5501
Metropolitan Mike Smith, PGA 561-301-7615
  Kaitlin Sabbagh 914-347-2325
Michigan Kim Shafer, PGA 561-657-5372
  Chelsea Guoynes, PGA 517-641-7421
Middle Atlantic Doug Wert, PGA 719-351-2738
Midwest Vince Bove, PGA 561-657-5097
Minnesota Frank Chieppa, PGA 847-609-0819
  Catherine Wagner 763-754-0820
Nebraska Frank Chieppa, PGA 847-609-0819
New England Brian Bain, PGA 617-820-4411
New Jersey Mike Smith, PGA 561-301-7615
North Florida Lauren Court 678-602-2914
Northeast New York Brian Bain, PGA 617-820-4411
  Christian Torres 518-438-8645
Northern California Junko Suzuki, PGA 201-214-2817
Northern Ohio Kim Shafer, PGA 561-657-5372
Northern Texas Vince Bove, PGA 561-657-5097
  Casey Rayburn 214-420-7421
Pacific Northwest Branden Thompson, PGA 561-293-2585
Philadelphia Mike Smith, PGA 561-301-7615
  Leila Mackie, PGA 215-481-9080
Rocky Mountain Branden Thompson, PGA 561-293-2585​
South Central Vince Bove, PGA 561-657-5097
South Florida Lauren Court 678-602-2914
  Chad Peters 561-729-0810
Southern California Junko Suzuki, PGA 201-214-2817
Southern Ohio Kim Shafer, PGA 561-657-5372
  Derek Tincher, PGA 937-754-4263
Southern Texas Vince Bove, PGA 561-657-5097
  Sam Dennstaedt 832-442-2404
Southwest Anthony Vitale, PGA 561-323-7910
  Sean Ferris, PGA 480-443-9002
Sun Country Anthony Vitale, PGA 561-323-7910
  Reese Carson 505-897-0864
Tennessee Kristi Egnot 561-329-5501
  Paul Stanek, PGA 615-465-6313
Tri-State Doug Wert, PGA 719-351-2738
  Bob Gillespie, PGA 724-774-2224
Utah Anthony Vitale, PGA 561-323-7910
  Annie Fisher 801-566-1005
Western New York Doug Wert, PGA 719-351-2738
Wisconsin Frank Chieppa, PGA 847-609-0819
  Erika Pirkl 414-443-3570

National Contacts

PGA Jr. League is the key youth initiative of PGA REACH, the charitable foundation of the PGA of America. For any questions not relating the implementation of programming at a local facility, please contact the following individuals based upon the nature of your inquiry:

Role Name Phone Email
Director of League Golf Steve Tanner 561-624-7631
National League Manager, Regions 1-6 Angela Schmelzer, PGA 561-630-1705
National League Manager, Regions 7-12 Chuck Higgins, PGA 214-518-5581
National Accounts Executive Rich Richeson, PGA 972-529-8790