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PGA Facility Operations Scorecard

The PGA Facility Operations Scorecard is recognized as the industry’s leading source for golf operations and facility data, providing invaluable information to help you compare your facility’s performance to the market.

Sporting the new, streamlined design from last year, the Scorecard is more aligned with revenue and expense topics that are important to you and your facility. The high-tech performance tool is much easier to navigate, and provides critical benchmarks to each PGA Professional filling out the Scorecard.

Complete the Scorecard …

Every April, the ranking PGA Professional, based on classification, at each facility is asked to submit prior year data specific to their facility. Results from the survey are made available in July through the PGA’s online reporting tool.

*MSR credits are earned as follows:  One Service to National MSR for completing page one. Two Required MSRs for completing page two of the scorecard. In total, up to three (3) MSR credits can be earned.

Access Scorecard Results …

To get started, click here to access the Facility Operations Scorecard Online Tool.

The dashboard view provides you with high-level revenue and expense line items by facility. Click the tabs at the top to select your facility type.

To access the detailed view, select the tab in the top left corner.Once in the detailed view, please select the metrics for analyzing noting that the arrows allow you to expand for additional metrics. You can change the facility type and select additional filters on the right.

Suggestions for Using the Reporting Tool: Limit your filtering criteria to gain more results by starting with a small number of filters for the first report, such as year, Section or State. Add additional report filters one at a time until obtaining desired report.

Note: Data is only reported with a minimum of 5 responses. An * means there is not enough sample or was a new question in 2018. Either eliminate the least important filters or expand the geographic area until the report results in a sufficient sample size to produce data.

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