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Find Wealth in Health

By Bridget Brennan, CEO of Female Factor

The other day, I complimented a colleague on her new gold bracelet. It turned out to be a Fitbit activity tracker in disguise. I shouldn’t have been surprised – the quest for health and fitness has become so pervasive that it’s now a part of industries ranging from jewelry to furniture, to paint.

Some analysts predict that health and wellness is on its way to becoming the next trillion dollar industry. For women, wellness benefits have become increasingly important when making decisions in the marketplace. This important trend provides a great opportunity for you to bring new players into the game.

As a PGA Professional, you already know the many health and wellness benefits of the game. But how well are you communicating these benefits to new players? Emphasizing the fitness aspects of golf is a smart strategy. Here are a few thought starters for incorporating health and wellness messaging into your marketing materials and conversations with prospective women players:

1.  Emphasize the health and wellness benefits of golf

Have you ever calculated how many steps are achieved by walking 18 holes on your home course? How about nine holes? Six? Find ways to quantify the health benefits of a round on the course, and demonstrate how golf can play an important role in someone’s overall fitness plan.

Calculating steps is just one idea. Try this exercise: Create a list of all the ways that “golf is good for you,” leveraging knowledge from industry experts and resources, as well as your own experience. Then, incorporate these insights into your conversations and promotional materials. This information may help you attract health-conscious women (and men) to the game.

2.  Promote the opportunity to “unplug,” get fresh air and sunshine

We live in an always-on world, and it’s not easy for most people to find ways to escape their devices. The ability to “unplug” is a key component of wellness in the Internet age.

Playing golf on a beautiful course is the opposite of sitting hunched over a computer keyboard. Focus on the ways that golf allows her to take a break from screen time and mentally recharge. You can promote the benefits of fresh air and beautiful surroundings, as well as the joy of connecting with friends in an environment that’s conducive to conversation.

These kinds of messages have the potential to resonate powerfully with women, who may be comparing golf to other fitness activities that are competing for their time and attention.

3.  Leverage the “athleisure” trend of fitness-oriented apparel

“Athleisure” is the fitness-meets-fashion trend that’s driving the growth of the U.S. athletic apparel market to a predicted $100 billion at retail by 2020, according to The Wall Street Journal. The term refers to the type of clothing that can be worn for both athletic or leisure activities. (Yoga pants are a good example.) Athletic apparel has become a fashion statement unto itself. This is a major opportunity for the golf shop.

How do you leverage it? For one thing, be sure to feature women’s apparel and accessories in addition to men’s. Make sure women’s products are visible, and use signage so that women can find it. Provide a private area to serve as a dressing room, and include a full-length mirror. And remember that women tend to have a holistic mindset when they shop, so be sure to display outfits, not just individual items, to inspire her with a complete “look.”

These are examples of ways to capture the momentum of one of the nation’s biggest trends and grow your business with women players. How many more ideas can you generate?

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Reprinted with permission, PGA Magazine