PGA of America

Connecting with Her

We all think of golf as a game strongly tied to traditions. And in so many ways, it is. Golf is also a game that has shown great resiliency, growth and change over the hundreds of years since its inception. From the equipment, to the course it is played upon, to the attire and even the economics that define the game, we have continuously seen an ongoing transformation. 

The world continues to change, with an onslaught of new technologies playing a big role in reshaping our economy. The accompanying social and cultural changes are significant.  With the advent of a new economic reality, we are seeing a shift in priorities and a shift in the way people, in particular, women, participate in this changing world order. 

With women accounting for more than 52 percent of the population and 50 percent of the workforce, they fuel an economy that is bigger than many countries in the world. What that presents is a huge opportunity to engage an interested and powerful consumer group that can positively and productively continue the theme of change and growth in the golf industry. 

The Connecting With Her Playbook contains tactical plans, including national, as well as local strategies, which combine to build a platform that will lead the transformational customer service and cultural shift that will engage and grow women as a key new constituency of the golf industry. The goal of this playbook is simple ... to present the compelling case as to why women represent such a significant opportunity for the industry and provide the insights and action steps you can utilize to lead the way for a customer-centric model that will yield positive results for all.