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You’ve been through the interview process and have been offered the job. Here are some basics to keep in mind as you begin negotiations.

  • Consider the entire compensation package including position, salary, benefits (vacation, sick time, health insurance, life insurance, Golf Retirement Plus contributions), hours, flexibility  and work environment.

    You will need to be satisfied with the salary for at least a year, if not longer. Negotiate the offer based on your research of market rates. The most recent compensation figures can be found through the data collected with our PGA Compensation Survey. For customized or more detailed compensation statistics, contact your Career Consultant. Also, keep any CareerLinks job notification letters that you may have received to show your market value. Provide data that shows your value to the company.

    If a potential employer asks how much you make in your current position, give them the figure that includes all of the above.
  • What will your commute be like?
  • Do you know exactly how you’ll spend your time on a day-to-day basis? Ask yourself if this job excites you, will you excel at it, and whether it will advance you on your career path? Tell the employer what you want from the job.
  • The employer often offers the job and salary simultaneously. Never say yes right away, even if you like the offer. However, give them an answer within a stated time frame.
  • If the employer can’t offer you the salary you want, think about other valuable options that might not cost as much.
  • Make a list of the pros and cons of your current position (if you have one) and the job offer you are considering. Which one comes out ahead?

Access the “Job Hunter’s Toolkit” for additional information about effective negotiations.