PGA of America

Nailing the Interview

Interviewers will ask a multitude of questions, pertaining to a variety of subjects. Here is a sample of questions you just might be asked:

Grow the Game

Prepare to answer questions that explain how you would bring successful programs to the interviewing facility.

  • What are some of the most successful programs you have developed?
  • Describe how you would attract new players (juniors, beginners, advanced, etc.)  to golf.
  • How would you re-energize and increase involvement of existing players?
  • How do you track and report the impact of your player development programs?
  • What tournament management system do you utilize and what are the benefits of that system to the events?
  • What marketing initiatives have you implemented to increase sales, new customers and outside events?
  • Describe your methods and procedures to ensure revenue is not lost through such things as tournament cancelations.
  • How do you train your Assistant Golf Professional staff to be better teachers of the game?
  • Describe your level of playing ability and how you expect to integrate it into the customer/member base of this facility?
  • What types of current teaching technology do you use in your instruction programs?


  • Prepare for interview questions that describe your skills working with staff and other employees.   
  • How do you define great customer service and how do you train your staff to deliver it?
  • Tell us about your employees who have moved on to managerial roles in the industry?
  • Describe your management philosophy with staff.
  • Describe your philosophy on communicating with department heads, supervisors, customers and the board.
  • Who are your mentors and what characteristics of theirs do you try to emulate?
  • Describe a healthy working relationship between you, your staff, and the superintendent.
  • Describe how you recruit, train and motivate staff.
  • How do you enhance the productivity and morale of other workers?


  • All interviewers will ask questions that focus on your skills as a candidate. They help the potential employer assess your work experience approach the business of golf.
  • Why did you choose this profession?
  • How would you define success in this position?
  • Describe how you set and measure your work goals.
  • What tools do you use to manage time and set priorities?
  • How do you balance your time between the people, game and business part of the job?
  • What continuing education courses or new skill sets have you attained over the past three years?
  • Describe your most effective professional skills.
  • What are your three greatest career achievements?
  • How do you keep up with industry and technology changes?
  • If you could acquire one new skill or knowledge, what would it be?


Before your interview, make sure you do your research about the facility. Here you can show the employer just how prepared you are for the interview and position.

  • How have your previous jobs prepared you for this one?
  • What would be your merchandising strategy for our facility?
  • How much average annual wholesale inventory do you feel our facility will need to carry and why?
  • Describe your knowledge and experience in food and beverage, golf course maintenance, etc.
  • Regarding your current policies and procedures, how often do you update, and what is the process of new employees being trained?
  • What have you done in the past to improve member recruitment and retention?
  • What priorities would you address first in this position?
  • What budgets have you specifically been responsible for developing and managing? How large were the budgets you managed? Can you generally explain how you monitor your operating budget?
  • Describe your business planning methods.
  • In what areas do you first focus to increase golf shop revenues?