PGA of America

Job Transition - Keys to Success

Keep a Good Attitude

  • Be positive and courageous
  • Don’t dwell on it or take it personally
  • Don’t burn any bridges
  • Avoid placing blame
  • Communicate your feelings with loved ones and friends

Be Active

  • Establish and keep a daily routine
  • Investigate temporary positions to enhance your experience
  • Keep physically fit, exercise daily
  • Shore up your weaknesses through continuing education
  • Spend quality time with your family
  • Donate time to the community, the PGA and charities

Develop A Job Search Strategy

  • Contact your PGA Career Consultant
  • Update your CareerLinks Profile and resume
  • Create a powerful network
  • Evaluate and determine what positions would be best for you
  • Set future career goals

Financial Planning

  • Prepare a financial plan for at least 6 months of unemployment
  • Seek out a tax or financial advisor’s assistance on how to proceed
  • Review salary continuance
  • Review all benefits such as vacation, sick time, un-vested pension, portability or retirement, etc.
  • Insurance coverage
  • Severance
  • Retirement status

Who to Include in Your Networking

  • PGA Career Services staff
  • PGA Career Consultants
  • Section staff
  • Section leaders
  • Section employment committees
  • Chapter leaders
  • Manufacturers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Management Companies
  • Key area amateurs and figureheads
  • Mentors
  • High profile PGA Professionals
  • General Managers
  • Superintendents
  • PGA of America leaders
  • Industry recruiters

Effective Networking Strategies

  • Contact your PGA Career Consultant
  • Make one daily phone call to introduce yourself to people in your network
  • Volunteer your time to your PGA Section and Association
  • Attend Section and Association meetings
  • Attend allied association meetings, PGA Merchandise Show, PGA Fashion & Demo Experience
  • Send letters or cards thanking individuals for their time and consideration
  • Secure letters of recommendation from previous employers and influential people
  • Attend industry functions and build a professional image
  • Always be positive and upbeat
  • Contact industry recruiters


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