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How An Employer Decides An Applicants Fate

Utilize the following tips to be prepared for your next interview process …

Being invited for a job interview is an accomplishment in itself. It means your cover letter, resume and references have connected with the employer’s needs. Furthermore, when a successful candidate has been granted a second interview, it shows a true interest by an employer since they have talked with a candidate face-to-face. To get to that point, a candidate most likely has shown:

  • The experience and ability to continue in areas of business strength.
  • Ability to improve areas of weakness.
  • Ability to develop new and innovative programs that improve business profitability and the customer experience.
  • Team-building and leadership skills.

By reviewing and using some simple interview techniques available in the Job Hunters Took Kit, a candidate has an excellent opportunity to move forward in the hiring process to final interviews. Consider the following “musts” to move forward:

  • Do your homework on the facility and the location. You must exhibit due diligence to show your seriousness in the position, while also learning if this is a location and position where you will be happy.
  • Employers look for someone who is very serious about wanting to be at their place of business for all of the right reasons. Needing a job is generally not enough. Let them know that you want to be there and give them good reasons why.
  • Understand their mission and goals and how you fit their culture.
  • Bring a portfolio to highlight accomplishments. It’ll show your value can positively impact their bottom line and service levels.
  • Prepare three or four great questions to ask. These questions should provide you with additional information about them and give insight for second interviews.
  • Be likeable and show energy!

If you’ve been close to that final interview, but seem to always end up with another second-place finish, consider the following thoughts so you’re prepared the next time:

  • Expect anywhere from two to eight hours for final interviews and that they are generally situational, putting you in action or problem solving scenarios.
  • Includes another face-to-face interview.
  • Might include a review and evaluation of current business operations and staffing. What do you see?
  • Playing and/or teaching golf.
  • Social hour with or without your spouse.

The interview could be with staff, committees or ownership. Now is the time to be creative since you are in a select few knowing that each candidate will be at their best. Remember:

  • Your  presentation is your chance to sell yourself.  What format will you use? PowerPoint, video, handouts? Remember, you might show all of the right qualities. But if your delivery lacks energy and passion, you will not connect with your audience.
  • Your portfolio offers an illustrated look at your skills. Consider including a 30-, 60- and 90- day plan on how you will approach your first three months. Employers want to be sure you will not come in and create chaos, but instead provide leadership, evaluation, understanding and getting to know people before developing and implementing rapid changes.
  • When answering questions, do not assume. Your answers must be targeted. Probing for more information will help you provide a more focused answer. This can be the difference between good and great answers.
  • Be prepared to show how you problem solve, have adjusted failed programs, and are able to diffuse heightened or combative issues.
  • Your references must be impeccable. Know what they will say about you and be sure you have discussed your intentions with them beforehand so they are not surprised if contacted.
  • Fitting the culture and likeability are top reasons cited for clinching a very close hiring process. While interviews can be intense, you must make an effort to show character, and the fun side of your personality.
  • Be sure they understand your interest by “asking for the job.”

Your regional PGA Career Consultant has experience watching PGA Professionals in the interview setting. During your preparation, consider reaching out to them to talk about your preparation for job seeking. There is also a multitude of tools and resources to assist you in the Career area on

Reprinted with permission. PGA Magazine.