PGA of America

Employment Loss Frequently Asked Questions

How can the PGA of America assist you during this difficult transition?

The PGA has a robust Career group uniquely positioned to assist you during this time. These services include:

  • Nineteen highly-experienced PGA Career Consultants strategically placed across the country to serve the broader industry. They are available to help you to better understand the PGA’s services that will in turn allow you to develop an individual plan of action. Contact your PGA Career Consultant.
  • The Career area on provides comprehensive resources that are needed during a job transition such as resume writing and interviewinge tips. An online job board provides information from employers regarding potential positions.
  • Online training and development educational programs to enhance your skills in general management, golf operations, teaching & coaching, and player development to meet the changing expectations of the marketplace
  • Continued marketing and communication efforts to elevate the status of the PGA Professional in the eye of the employer, industry, and consumer

How will this impact my PGA membership status?

The PGA of America is sensitive to such job loss situations and therefore has in place a “grace period” to account for such instances. Please contact the PGA Membership Department at (800) 474-2776, to update your contact information and discuss your Membership classification options.

Should I take the severance package that I’m being offered?

The PGA of America is not in the position to assess the severance package that was offered to you. A variety of factors are involved with reviewing severance packages that must be answered on a case by case basis that are personal to each individual involved. If you have questions of a legal nature about the severance package, you are encouraged to consult a lawyer in your state immediately for legal advice.

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Should I apply for unemployment benefits?

Typically in job termination cases people do apply for unemployment benefits. However, as state regulations and individual cases vary we would recommend you consult your state or local unemployment office for unemployment filing details. Unemployment filings differ from state to state so it is important that you follow the requirements of your state. Most states allow filing for unemployment claims to be handled online.

If I take the severance package, do I have to wait until that runs out before I can receive unemployment benefits?

Typically this is not the case. However, as regulations vary from state to state, please consult your state or local unemployment office for questions about unemployment filing details.

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What should I do about continuing my health insurance benefits?

Typically in job termination cases there are opportunities to continue one’s benefit package. However, as these cases vary based on employer, please consult an HR representative for healthcare continuation benefits information to determine if you are eligible for healthcare continuation benefits.

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