PGA of America

Career Seeker's Toolkit

PGA Career Fitness Manual

The PGA Career Fitness Manual is a wonderful tool for PGA members or apprentices seeking a map to chart the course to securing their dream job. You must proactively cre­ate a plan and be prepared in advance to succeed in your current job, face the challenges associated with a golf industry career, and take advantage of a new opportunity when it arises.

The Career Fitness Manual addresses various topics including:

  • Succeeding in Your Job
  • Understanding and Demonstrating Your Value
  • Industry Opportunities
  • What Employers Look For
  • Career Evaluation and Planning
  • Job Exit Strategies
  • Utilizing PGA Employment Services

Job Hunter’s Tool Kit

The Job Hunter’s Tool Kit was developed to assist PGA members and apprentices in creating a successful job search plan.  Proactively utilizing the recommendations and tips found within the Job Hunter’s Tool Kit can be the difference between re­ceiving the call for an interview and ultimately land­ing the job vs. being left behind and wondering what you need to do to take the next step in your career.  

Found within the Job Hunter’s Tool Kit are recommendations associated with:

  • PGA Employment Services. Utilize the PGA services available to you – both on and through your PGA Employment Consultant.
  • Document Preparation.  Target your resume and cover letter to the specifics of the employer’s needs and wants.
  • Job Loss – A New Opportunity. Keep a positive attitude and move toward your next opportunity.
  • Interviewing Tips and Questions.  Utilize these to be prepared for your next interview.
  • Negotiating. Use these successful strategies for landing your best deal.