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PGA CareerLinks Hiring Solution Overview

Welcome to the PGA CareerLinks Hiring Solution!

CareerLinks is the PGA of America’s complimentary career referral service and your PGA Career Consultant is available to assist you throughout the entire hiring process. Below is an overview of the PGA CareerLinks process. Items in the Hiring Solution Process that are underlined refer to forms or documents contained within this Careerlinks Hiring Solution.

Getting Started

Initiate the CareerLinks process by completing the CareerLinks Employer Agreement and completing the Employer Information form. For your convenience you can fill this out online. Have your PGA Career Consultant provide you with the link.

Create a Plan

Your PGA Career Consultant can assist you in developing a plan for the hiring process.

Completing the Operational Review

The Operational Review details the scope of operations and provides statistical and budgetary data.

Developing the Position Profile

The Position Profile is central to the real power of CareerLinks. It will assist you in developing a job description and outlining the duties and responsibilities of the position. It will provide a basis for determining the work experience and skills required to successfully perform the job. Including this facility profile will assist you in obtaining the best candidate.

Developing a Competitive Compensation & Benefits Package

Offering a competitive package helps attract a deeper pool of qualified candidates. Factors you should consider include responsibilities, comparable market value, budget, facility type and fee structure, the number of departments and size of staff to be managed, and desired experience. The compensation package can include variables such as salary, concession ownership, lesson income, commissions, performance incentives and benefits. Your PGA Career Consultant can provide helpful statistics from the PGA Professional Compensation Survey. Review the Compensation and Benefits Package tables.

CareerLinks job notifications will be sent via e-mail to PGA Professionals whose CareerLinks Profile and experience match your requirements. The notification will describe your golf facility or business, primary responsibilities and position requirements, and the compensation and benefits package.

Corresponding with Candidates

It is extremely important, and reflects your professionalism, that you correspond with applicants in a timely manner. Initial acknowledgements can be by email or mail, and should be sent immediately upon receipt of resumes to all applicants. Additional communications should also be sent to those interviewed. It is proper to inform finalists who are not hired with a personal phone call.

Reviewing Resumes

You will start receiving resumes shortly after CareerLinks notices are sent out. Review and screen resumes to determine the candidates you wish to interview.

Interviewing Candidates

You can conduct a round of telephone interviews to help determine the candidates to be invited for a formal interview. For formal interviews, it is customary to reimburse candidates for reasonable travel and lodging expenses.

Conducting Background Checks

Background checks are a vital part of making sure you make an informed hire. It is customary to extend an offer contingent upon the background check returning with no adverse information. PGA CareerLinks has a recommended background check company that offers background check packages at preferred pricing.

Extending an Offer

Once you have decided on the candidate who is the best fit, it is time to make an offer. The offer should be in writing and should include: job title, a brief job description, who the position reports to, job location, start date, components of compensation, benefits, a contact name and number, and a date and time necessary to respond to the offer. If a letter of employment or a contract will be offered, you may want to include a copy with the offer. Contractual agreements should always be reviewed by an attorney licensed in the state where it will be executed.

Immediately after the position has been filled, forward the completed CareerLinks Candidate Worksheet to your PGA Career Consultant. Your Consultant will forward this worksheet to you.

Getting off to a Good Start

Make sure your newly hired PGA Professional has had time to give proper notice to his/her current employer before you make an announcement to your members, clientele, or to the media. The new hire should be welcomed and provided with an orientation program. Introduce the new hire to the people on his/her staff and all department heads. You may wish to conduct a welcoming event at your facility to introduce your new PGA Professional to your membership or clientele.

Planning for Success

Review your plans for success during the first 30 days. Provide the new hire with a written job description and an outline of specific objectives for the upcoming year. These will serve as a map to be followed throughout the year, and provide a basis for review at the end of the year.

Conduct a 90-Day Review

Always conduct a review to go over progress and fine-tune the objectives.

Conduct an Annual Performance Review

As part of your hiring process, plan a annual performance review to discuss accomplishments and objectives, and to establish goals and expectations for the upcoming year. Performance reviews give both parties the opportunity share ideas for future success and can provide a basis for compensation adjustment. Evaluation results should be specific and in writing, with one copy going to the employee and one going in the employee’s personnel file.

This information is part of a comprehensive PGA CareerLinks Hiring Solution, a Comprehensive Guide for Hiring PGA Professionals.

Download the guide here.